Trip to the Moon

Canton took the the JHS stage for the first time last night in Trip to the Moon. He has been involved with the fall competition play “Donut Dollies” which will compete in the state championship in Charlottesville tomorrow!

Trip to the Moon is a series of vignettes centered around the moon landing. Canton plays Jack, the charismatic and annoying little brother of a family in one scene, and in another, he plays Brett, a well to do young man trying to cope in Vietnam.

Last night after the show, he was presented with three roses and notes from Rhonda, Beth, and Poppy and Grandma. This was such a nice gesture of love and support! Much appreciated! Canton has two more shows and then auditions for the musical next week!

One thought on “Trip to the Moon

    You are such a natural. You just amaze me with all of your natural born talents.I sure hope to see one of your shows in person.Keep up the good work and one day your name will be in lights!

    Love you

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