Mary Poppins 2024

Holy moly! Wowza! I cannot even describe what it was like to be in the auditorium, 650+people per show, to feel the energy and watch these kids put on the most incredible show I’ve ever seen! So many hours went into this production! The choreography, the set, the voices! Pure heaven!

Special congratulations to Mike as the “Director of Magic” for this production! He made the magic table and hutch that break during “Spoonful of Sugar” that Mary fixes. He spent so many hours perfecting these pieces, I hope the gasps from the crowd help him feel the appreciation of all his work! It was magic!

Canton worked so hard during this run. He was in the lead dance group which means he was dancing a lot more than the rest of the kids and his routines were much more complex. I wish you all could have seen “Step in Time”, I forgot they were high schoolers! We are just bursting with pride over his vocal and dance performances, he was certainly the anchor of the ensemble, you could hear him over 40 kids! I just cannot wait to see what this kid does next!

All 800+ photos (highlights below)

Christmas Carol Shows

Adleigh is so fun to watch in Christmas Carol! She has so much expression and her voice is loud and clear! She truly enjoys her time on the stage! She had a show last night and didn’t get home until after 11, bed near 12 and still wanted up at 745 this morning to go do 3.5 hours of gymnastics and two shows today! I am in awe of her passion!

And Liberty played harp in the lobby before the show! What a talented trio that I am so blessed to call mine!

Trip to the Moon

Canton took the the JHS stage for the first time last night in Trip to the Moon. He has been involved with the fall competition play “Donut Dollies” which will compete in the state championship in Charlottesville tomorrow!

Trip to the Moon is a series of vignettes centered around the moon landing. Canton plays Jack, the charismatic and annoying little brother of a family in one scene, and in another, he plays Brett, a well to do young man trying to cope in Vietnam.

Last night after the show, he was presented with three roses and notes from Rhonda, Beth, and Poppy and Grandma. This was such a nice gesture of love and support! Much appreciated! Canton has two more shows and then auditions for the musical next week!

Christmas Carol 2023

After two years of Canton and Mike performing in Christmas Carol at WP it is time for Adleigh to hit the stage! We are so proud of her for expressing an interest and putting in all the time to learn the songs and blocking. Tonight is their first of 12 performances! It couldn’t happen without Mike who has given hours to build the set, courage to take on his own role, and his guidance and love to share it with Adleigh. We are truly blessed!

On the Way to VTA

We just dropped Canton off for 4 nights/5 days away from us 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

He’s heading to Richmond to compete in the Va Theatre Association for the one act play. He will also get to attend workshops and keynotes on everything theatre related. The girls sobbed when he left, luckily the got a bit of quality time with him before we had to drop him off. I don’t like this feeling. College is going to be sooooooooooo hard.

Finding Nemo

For the past three weeks Canton has been involved in the Stagelights production of Finding Nemo.

It certainly was not as fun as his role as Julien in Madagascar, but he was the crowd favorite as Crush the sea turtle. He also was the leader of a group of first time performers as a flock a seagulls, who got the most laughs throughout the show. We are always so proud of the dedication Canton puts into his performances!