Mary Poppins 2024

Holy moly! Wowza! I cannot even describe what it was like to be in the auditorium, 650+people per show, to feel the energy and watch these kids put on the most incredible show I’ve ever seen! So many hours went into this production! The choreography, the set, the voices! Pure heaven!

Special congratulations to Mike as the “Director of Magic” for this production! He made the magic table and hutch that break during “Spoonful of Sugar” that Mary fixes. He spent so many hours perfecting these pieces, I hope the gasps from the crowd help him feel the appreciation of all his work! It was magic!

Canton worked so hard during this run. He was in the lead dance group which means he was dancing a lot more than the rest of the kids and his routines were much more complex. I wish you all could have seen “Step in Time”, I forgot they were high schoolers! We are just bursting with pride over his vocal and dance performances, he was certainly the anchor of the ensemble, you could hear him over 40 kids! I just cannot wait to see what this kid does next!

All 800+ photos (highlights below)

Solar Eclipse 2024

We decided to venture to Niagara Falls again to watch the Solar Eclipse!

But, we are missing part of the gang, Canton decided to stay home so as not to miss school and be ready for Mary Poppins opening on Thursday! It is so strange to not hear his flag commentary entering Maryland or random trivia along the way. We miss him!!!

The drive was tough, lots of folks seem to be on the road to check out this phenomenal site!

Saying bye to Canton!

Here are some sights along the way. We arrived Saturday around 8pm before we got settled in the room. The girls swam a bit and then we got cleaned up and watched some ponies. Excited for tomorrow!