Solar Eclipse 2024

We decided to venture to Niagara Falls again to watch the Solar Eclipse!

But, we are missing part of the gang, Canton decided to stay home so as not to miss school and be ready for Mary Poppins opening on Thursday! It is so strange to not hear his flag commentary entering Maryland or random trivia along the way. We miss him!!!

The drive was tough, lots of folks seem to be on the road to check out this phenomenal site!

Saying bye to Canton!

Here are some sights along the way. We arrived Saturday around 8pm before we got settled in the room. The girls swam a bit and then we got cleaned up and watched some ponies. Excited for tomorrow!

Canton’s Disney Band Trip

Canton is in the air right now bound for Disney world! We cannot wait for him to get back, we already miss him so much!

We had breakfast together. He was a great brother tucking them in last night as Owen. The girls had a a rough morning missing him.

Have a good flight!

We tracked his plane.

FaceTime! He said he had fun swimming and hanging around the hotel. Wednesday is Epcot and Thursday is parade day at MK!

On the Way to VTA

We just dropped Canton off for 4 nights/5 days away from us 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

He’s heading to Richmond to compete in the Va Theatre Association for the one act play. He will also get to attend workshops and keynotes on everything theatre related. The girls sobbed when he left, luckily the got a bit of quality time with him before we had to drop him off. I don’t like this feeling. College is going to be sooooooooooo hard.

Election Weekend in DC

We had an amazing adventure in Washington DC! Two days off of school and democracy in the balance seemed like a great time to show them what it all means.

Tuesday was spent checking out, hitting the National Archives, and taking in the Capitol.

Monday’s highlight was going up in the Washington monument and admiring the beautiful sunset!

We drove up Sunday and our first stop was an important one, Great Falls Park. I have lots of great memories here, it was so special to share it with my babes.