Forensics States 2024

Canton won third place at the VHSL Forensics Championship yesterday!

So many people would be terrified to stand up and speak in front of a group. For Humorous Interpretation, Canton had to select an existing play and use it to create is own 10 minute version (interpretation). It has to be funny, have multiple characters with their own voices and mannerisms, and has to reflect the original piece with an original written introduction . Canton had a dad, three very different children, an Irish mom, dad, and son, sheep, and a dinosaur princess. Whew!

He put a lot of time into all the aspects of this. He just missed out on second place by a tiebreaker! Not too shabby for a freshman who is brand new to forensics! We are immensely proud of his dedication and drive. Canton has so many things going on, I am also impressed by this kid and I cannot wait to see what comes next! We love you, Canton!

Scenes from the competition and hotel

Forensics Super Regionals 2024

He is the champion!!!!!!! Canton has worked hard over the last couple months drafting his piece. He got second place in the regional competition and was able to overcome the guy who beat him at regions to become the super regional champion!

Jamestown got third overall! Canton will have the state competition at the end of March. We are so stinking proud of this kid!!

Choir Festival 2024

Canton participated with Jamestown on the Choir Festival today at CNU. He worked for weeks on the songs and spent many hours after school perfecting his instrument. We are so proud to say that he was selected as State Alternate! He is the first Jamestown freshman ever to be All-State eligible! We are so proud of him!!

Awards Season

Liberty and Adleigh both got perfect attendance and A honor roll.

Liberty got the Presidential Education Award. To receive this award students need an A average, high scores on state testing, and a teacher recommendation. We are so proud of Liberty!