Canton picks a college

Canton’s aunt Becky decided to try and persuade him into becoming a Florida Gator. 

As you can see here, he wasn’t too happy about that choice.



Later he decided to let his true feelings be known and threw up all over his new Gators Tee.



But eventually Canton calmed down after Mom said it was an ‘okay’ school and it could be his backup choice.  He still has VT as his top choice, pending his football scholarship offer of course.


One thought on “Canton picks a college

  1. I must agree with keeping VT the top choice! Congratulations! He is beautiful! Can’t believe the odds of 5 baby BOYS being born in the same year at one school, but welcome to the club and what IS in the water at Check? I came by to see you at the hospital after my Dr. appointment, but with little success. Hope you all are enjoying every minute, it goes by SO quickly!

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