One Week!

Canton is officaly a week old today.  I cannot believe how fast time has gone by.  My mom left this morning and now it is all up to me and Mike.  We cannot thank everyone enough for all the calls and well wishes, gifts, and especially the advice of friends and the help of my family over the course of this week, and the last nine months.  We are so lucky to have our friends, to work with such supportive and caring people, and to have been able to spend this last week with my mom and sister.  I would not have gotten through this without them. 

Here are some random pictures taken over the past week, including coming home, meeting the VIPs, and leaving for the first doctor visit:

One thought on “One Week!

  1. Canton it was GREAT spending time with you and your Mom& Dad. I sure will miss you all, but I know your mom&dad will take very good care of you. Tell them to update your website everyday so I can see how much you grow.

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