Who Needs Sitting?

Canton is doing a great job keeping his head level when pulled to sitting.  However, sometimes he bypasses sitting completely and goes right into standing!

Canton also met Mrs. Gayle today for about 30 minutes.  He really liked AJ, he sang to him and took good care of him, the real test is the full day tomorrow…poor mom!

One thought on “Who Needs Sitting?

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Well it looks like you want to stand up a lot now….You are growing so fast! You are really holding your head up good and getting stronger and stronger. Pretty soon you are goiing to be three months old and you have learned so much. Mom & Dad are teaching you so much and spending time with you as they love you so much. You are such a lucky little boy! I know Mom & Dad will miss you while you are at the babysitters but they will pick you up just as soon as they get off work, and will be so happy to see you. Keep that wonderful smile you have and we hope to see you soon…Miss all of you….

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