Big Changes…maybe…

Canton has done a lot in the last couple days.  Yesterday we had to go ‘back to school’ shopping and he slept THE ENTIRE TIME, definitely a big change!

He has also grown to 24.5 inches…


Gotten even stronger lifting his head and rolling…


and maybe, just maybe…teething???  He has been just not himself for the last couple days.  He has also been drooling like crazy and is hard to feed—not the Canton we know.  So after some discussion between us and talking to my mom, we thought…it is worth a shot.  His gums are a little swollen, but we don’t feel any eruptions yet, so who knows.  He loved the teething ring, but he’s not cranky at all this morning…he definitely keeps us on our toes!



3 thoughts on “Big Changes…maybe…

  1. Looks like someone had a growth spurt! You’re already taller than Mr. Ben and all my Mexican neighbors. Have you rolled from your back to your tummy yet? Glad you are so strong, miss you big guy!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Everytime I look at the updates of you on the computer I am truly amazed. Each day you do something different. I am so thankful you are so healthy and strong and able to do all of these new things. You are holding up your head so good which means you can follow Mom & Dad wherever they go……What about teeth??? Are you going to get some at such an early age? The way you have been excelling in your skills, I would not doubt if you come up with at least one tooth early. It makes me so thankful when I see the progress you are making and how sweet you are. You are a little angel in my life and have brought so much joy and love to all of us…..Hope to see you, Mom & Dad soon.
    Keep smiling!!!
    Love you,
    “Mal” & Pap

  3. Hi Buddy
    Looks like you are growing by the hour. Keep up the good work by keeping Mom and Dad on their toes trying to figure you out thats what kids are all about!!!!!!!!!

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