Fun with Gayle

Today was my first day with Mrs. Gayle! We had a great day together, she took such good care of me! We had fun playing pat-a-cake and I loved watching the boys play. Keep mom in your thoughts though, she pretty much cried the whole day…luckily she has good friends to help her through, not to mention a great dad!

3 thoughts on “Fun with Gayle

  1. Ha Buddy
    Good job I knew you could do it. Mom will get better at this, tell Dad just to help Mom because you have it all under control. Have fun at Miss Gayle’s
    Love you

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    So glad you had a good day with Mrs. Gayle yesterday. The pictures of you look like you were learning pat-a-cake and having lots of fun. I talked with Dad last night and Mom and you were playing and having lots of love time. I know Mom had a rough time yesterday being away from you, and Dad, but they both were so happy when it was time to pick you up and bring you home…..Everyone loves you so much Canton Gregory. You have brought a bond to all of our family that will last forever…Hope Mom has a better day today. Give her one of your precious smiles as soon as she sees you and that will make her feel so good….

    Love you,
    “Mal” & Pap

  3. Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you guys today. Tell Mama that I got pooped on today at work haha. I would much rather it be your poo! Hope your second day went well. Remind Mama that she needs to take time to take care of herself even if all she wants to do is play with you, ok? I’m sure you agree with me since she always makes you work out so hard 🙂 Enjoy Mama’s last day before turning OLD! haha love you all

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