Yesterday I had my very first skype session with Awesome Aunt Becky.  I couldn’t “see” her too well, but I did get excited hearing her voice.


Later I just had fun playing with mom and dad (I had to wear the hat just for you aunt Becky).  We are enjoying our time together and we’re looking forward to a three day weekend soon, and of course, my first VT football game!




3 thoughts on “Skyping

  1. Ha Buddy
    Way to go, skyping with Aunt Becky I know that made her week. Oh by the way GREAT HAT. Hope you enjoy your first VT game. See ya soon.
    Love Granmal

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Boy, you look like a big boy doing your skype sessions. Even though Aunt Becky is three thousand miles away, she is going to make sure you do your exercises, and now she can even watch you and you can see and talk to her….She misses you so much, as we all do. You are adorable in your hat. I am so glad you, Mom & Dad are having so much fun and quality time together. They are teaching you so many things and enjoying every minute with you. Just think, you will have a three day week-end with them and have lots of fun. Also, your very first VT game is coming up. I know you will be right there with Mom & Dad watching it. Keep that precious smile!!! We love you so much!!!

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