More Cereal and FEET!

I’m really starting to like my cereal.  Mom and Dad are feeding me such a small amount, I’m going to show them soon that I’m ready for more!  I’ve also found my feet and they have become my favorite play thing, though not in these pictures, I almost have them in my mouth! 

Later, I’m going to dress up in my favorite hokie attire while Mom and Dad cheer on the Hokies after I go to bed.

3 thoughts on “More Cereal and FEET!

  1. A couple things Can-Man…
    1. If you like your feet so much, you should be a soccer player! 🙂
    2. I love your choice of bib here, and I’m so glad to have a nephew much more than having a niece!
    3. I miss you tons!
    4. Go T-mobile and them Hokies!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Now that you have found your feet, Mom & Dad will be teaching you “This little piggy went to market”. So glad you like your cereal and soon you will be eating more. You are so cute and special and that smile you have is priceless. Have fun and keep learning new things….Love you….Hope to see all of you soon…..

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