The Debate Is Settled…

Friends and family have long discussed who I look more like.  It is pretty even between mom and dad, most everyone says they can see both in me.  But, Mal sent a picture that settled the debate.


That’s mom when she was about my age.  I think you can say I’m definitely my mother’s son!

2 thoughts on “The Debate Is Settled…

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Pictures do say a thousand words. I am so glad I have all of the pictures of our children and our Grandchildren. I knew you look like your Mom…Sometime you also look like your Dad, but in these pictures it is like looking at you. I am glad I could settle the debate and we will follow as you grow looking at more pictures of your Mom…Pap looked at these pictures and thought it was you Canton…..Keep smiling!! Love you…

  2. my my Canton! no wonder i like your grin so much – it is like your mother’s! not that there is anything wrong with dad’s, just stating facts. 🙂

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