20 Weeks!

Mom and Dad just can’t believe how fast I am growing.  Now that I am sitting they are giving me more things to play with, like cups, blocks, and even some water play.

I attended another football game, I got to meet a lot of mom’s former students and some of their friends.  Mr. Diebler scared me at first, but I quickly warmed up to him, he’s a funny guy!

Thanks for the package Aunt Becky!  I can’t wait to use it!!!

2 thoughts on “20 Weeks!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    It is hard to believe you are twenty weeks old. You have showered us with so much love and happiness during that time. It is such a blessing for all of us to have such a special little boy in our family who is loved so much. You sure get around to lots of functions and football games and are meeting new friends and having a good time. Looks like you have gotten a lot of new things to play with and enjoy. Everyday you learn something new. It won’t be too long before you are crawling around or walking. When that takes place then you will have new things to explore.
    Your pictures are darling and you look so cute in your outfit….Love you!!!

  2. Hi Buddy
    Sure looks like you keep Mom&Dad very busy!!!!!!!! You are very lucky to have them, but they are blesses to have a happy healthy boy like you. Make sure they keep taking you places and doing things with you. I hope I can get up to see you all very soon before you are 21, then I guess you can drive down to see me then. You all take care

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