Showing Off

Mal, Pap, Rhonda, and Harvey came to see me this weekend.  I spent most of the time showing off my new sitting up skills.  On Thursday (9/24) I first sat for about 10-15 seconds, now I’m up to over a minute!  Mom and Dad just can’t believe all that I can do at only four months!!  Who knows what I’ll be doing the next time they see me! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Showing Off

  1. Glad you had a fun time with you fam this weekend, wish I could have been there! Be sure to check the mail today or tomorrow and have mama and papa carry you down to the mail box. Talk to you soon Can-Man!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a wonderful week-end we had. It was so good to be able to celebrate my Birthday with everyone. Thank you, Mom & Dad for the lovely frame with the pictures and the adorable tote bag with your cute picture and name on it. I shall use it all the time. Aunt Rhonda & Harvey came up from Florida to be with all of us. You entertained us by showing us how you roll over, sit up, stand up and try to “walk”, hold your bottle and many other tricks. You are one precious little boy Canton Gregory and we all love you so very much. Thanks for all of the love and happiness you have given to us and we know there will be much more in the years to come….Always keep that precious smile and the twinkle in your eyes…..Love you!!!!

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