Parkway Adventures

Mom, Dad, and I took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to take a ride on the parkway.  I had my first encounters with leaves and WIND!  It was so windy today it almost knocked me over!  I enjoyed seeing all the colors and cruching through the leaves (luckily mom stopped me before I put them in my mouth).  I also got to see Buffalo Mountain, I’m a true Floyd boy now!

5 thoughts on “Parkway Adventures

  1. Hi Buddy
    I am glad to see you got Mom & Dad out of the house today. Your sure look like you like the cool weather and wind. Oh I really like your ghost outfit glad to see it fits you, hope you get to go trick or treat. Tell Mom & Dad to keep taking you on trips (maybe to Florida).
    Love you all

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You sure get around a lot!! So glad Mom & Dad take you to different places. It really looked beautiful on the parkway. I know you liked your ride and seeing the leaves and feeling the wind and I know Mom & Dad enjoyed so much taking you. You look so cute in your outfits and all wrapped up in your coat. I love the picture where you have your tongue out blowing bubbles. You get cuter and sweeter with each day. I like your Halloween costume!! You are getting to be such a big boy…..Remember we love all of you!

  3. Hi Canton
    Wow how cute you look all bundled up for fall. I am so glad you went to see leaves, I dont get to see those beautifull colors here in Florida so you made my day! You look like you have grown since the last time I saw you and you look so cute in the halloween outfit, hope you have a fun Halloween and dont forget to root for THE YANKEES!!!!! Love you so much!

  4. Hey Canton! You seemed to really like the leaves. Hope you found the best crunchy leaves to step on! I love that picture of you with your tounge sticking out. It’s one of my favorites. I miss you buddy and hope to see you soon!! Keep cheering those Yankees on! And go yell at the Hokies and ask what the heck they’re doing! Love you bud!

  5. Looks like I just found my newest hiking buddy. I was wondering if you think mom and dad could fit you in a package and over-night you to California. I think that sounds like a fabulous idea. I miss you and hope that you have a happy halloween!!!

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