25 Weeks!

Quite an exciting week with Halloween and getting adjusted to standard time (this has been quite a struggle!)  Most importantly I finally “said” ma-ma (11/3), I don’t really know what I’m saying yet but I’ve been babbling da-da for weeks and I think mom was feeling slighted.  Almost six months–Mom and Dad will have to start babyproofing soon!

3 thoughts on “25 Weeks!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Happy “25 Weeks”!!! You are growing up so fast. I bet when you said “Ma-Ma” Mom cried. Now you can say da-da and Ma-ma. Hope you get adjusted to the new time so everyone can get some rest. Your pictures are so precious and you have gotten sitting up mastered. Hope to see you soon. Love all of you…..

  2. Canton I hope you’re still celebrating the Yankees win!! I know your mom is! See you in a few weeks bud! Love you

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