Mom and Dad took advantage of the warm weather (65 degrees!) to take me to the playground for the first time.  I liked swinging but I wasn’t much into anything else (I’m just not big enough yet, won’t be too long)!  Then we went back to the parkway, I greatly enjoyed learning about trees and feeling the branches. 

I’ll be sixth months on Friday!  Mom and Dad were looking at some videos today of me in the hospital feeling nostaglic…they just don’t know all the bigger changes I have in store for them!

2 thoughts on “Playground!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Wow, what an exciting day you had with Mom & Dad. Going to the playground swinging, going back to the parkway looking at the beautiful trees, touching the leaves and branches and sitting on the blanket having special time with Mom & Dad. You have such a wonderful Mom & Dad who love you so very much and spend so much time with you. You are such a lucky little boy, as everyone in the family love you bunches….Maybe being out in the fresh air today will lull you off to sleep tonight……It was so good skyping with all of you today. When we can”t be with you at least we can see and talk to you…Stay as sweet as you are, keep smiling and we hope to see all of you soon…..Love you!!!!

  2. Hey Canton,
    You are just to cute!!!!!!! You look so funny in that swing, I’m so glad you are having so much fun! I cant believe you are going to be 6 months on Friday. Cant wait to see your face when you eat your veggies! Tell mom and dad to take pictures. Love you and miss you.

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