28 Weeks and Puppy Love

Another week has flown by.  This week I’ve started to take a special interest in Roxy.  I’ve always loved her because she’s so sweet to me, but I’m really starting to notice her, laugh at her, and try to pet her.  I’m lucky, no matter how hard I’ve pulled on her, she hasn’t come after me (yet)!

We’re heading up to Dad’s family tomorrow for my first Thanksgiving!    Can’t wait to see the rest of you at Christmas!  Mom and Dad are excited for all the memories I’ll be sure to give them in the months ahead.  I’m mighty thankful for all the wonderful people that love me so!

One thought on “28 Weeks and Puppy Love

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    It’s hard to believe you are 28 Weeks old today. My how time flies. You have blessed all of your family with love and happiness and we adore you. You are a precious little boy. So glad you are enjoying Roxy as she is a sweet little dog. Pet her kindly and love her and she will be good to you. Pap & I are looking forward to tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving with you, Mom, Dad and your other Grandparents and Great Grandparents. It will be a very nice visit and a time to be together. Keep that precious smile and those sparlky eyes….Love you!!!!

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