29 Weeks!

I just keep right on growing.  I tried peas this week, I greatly enjoyed them, second to only my sweet potatoes.  My girl Jessica came to see me as well!  I’ve also been doing well with my sippy, even though I’m not a big fan of juice.  I’m been trying so hard to move this week, when mom or dad hold me up I’ve been taking several steps, now I can take steps backwards as well.  Mom thinks I’m going to skip the crawling stage all together.  Mom and Dad keep talking about this crazy holiday coming up in about three weeks, I’m sure I’ll give them many memories.  Can’t wait to see everyone!

2 thoughts on “29 Weeks!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    “Happy 29th. Week Birthday”. It seems as though the Weeks just fly by. Before we know it you will be 1 Year old. You have learned so many new skills and are growing so fast. Glad you are doing well on your sippy. You are really doing well on eating your vegetables so soon maybe you can try some fruit. Bet you will really like that. It won”t be too long before you will be going all around the house. We are looking forward to spending Christmas with you, Mom & Dad. Can”t wait to see you open your presents and to look at all the lights and decorations on the tree. I bet Santa will bring you lots of things as you are such a good little boy…..You will have so much fun….See you soon….Love you, “Mal” & Pap

  2. Canton you are so much fun to play with – I can still hear your cute little giggle! I know you bring your Mom and Dad so much joy! Maybe they let you enjoy the snow today?! 🙂

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