First Snow!

What a day!  I began the day doing some work with Dad and enjoying green beans for the first time, I loved them (I’m definitely my mother’s son).  Then Mom and Dad took me outside in some extremly constrictive outfit–my new snowsuit from Grandma and Grandpap!  I wasn’t too sure about the cold white stuff that was all over the ground, all is know is I wanted to touch it but these crazy gloves kept me from doing so!  I noticed all the changes around me and was quite curious to understand the changed landscape.  Why don’t they just let my hands out?  Mom says tomorrow we’re going to put a tree in the house!  Now I’m off to cheer on my Gators!  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “First Snow!

  1. Well Buddy
    You better call Aunt Becky, as you know the Gators lost. She will need some cheering up(only you can do that) I am glad you like green beans. I right there with you I don’t think to much of the snow.
    Love you all

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    So glad you like string beans. They are so good for you and will make you big and strong. It looks like you, Mom and Dad had lots of fun out in the first snow. Maybe later you can help to build a snow man. I love snow as it is so beautiful and when the sun shines on it it sparkles like your beautiful eyes. You will have fun watching Mom & Dad put up the Christmas tree, and maybe you can help them!!!! Have fun and we will see you soon. Love you!

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