O Christmas Tree!

Dad put up this crazy tree in our house today.  I was super interested and tried to grab off all the decorations.  I sat for over half an hour just curiously watching dad put up the tree while silly mom sang songs.  The say I’m getting lots of presents in 19 days, I must be such a good boy!

3 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree!

  1. Hey kiddo, looks like you are getting into the season! I’ll give you a little secret: when it’s the night of the 24th tell mama and papa to give your carrots to the reindeer…that way you don’t have to eat them! Get ready to watch Christmas movies over and over again, but don’t worry, I’ll never get you a pink bunny onesie like Ralphy. Miss you mucho!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Well, it is almost time for Santa Clause. Looks like the Christmas tree is getting your attention. When all of the decorations are on the tree it will be so pretty and I know you will really like it. You are the most precious, adorable little boy and we can hardly wait to be with you when Christmas Day gets here so we can watch you “tear” off the wrapping paper to see what you have. It will be a very exciting day for all of us. We love you so much and feel so proud to be your Great Grandparents. See you soon………..

  3. Hi Buddy
    This has been a busy week with the snow and now the tree, Hope Mom&Dad have enough room for all that Santa will bring you. Make sure Mom make some choc-chip cookies for Santa.
    love you all

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