32 Weeks!

What a big few days it has been!  Ms. Kathy at physical therapy has really been making me work hard but it is already paying off.  I am trying to get into crawling position and she said I was very strong!  I still have lots of work to do but I am getting stronger every day!  I am also becoming quite the chef – I hope my latest batch of cookies turn out as well as the last!

I wanted to thank everyone at Dad’s work for letting him win me this large teddy bear!  Dad said many people wanted the bear for their little ones but they were all sweet enough to let Dad win it for me.  I hope the pictures of me with my new bear are reward enough for everyone at the school board office.  Thank you!

Just a few more days until Christmas – I am excited to see what all the fuss about this day is!

2 thoughts on “32 Weeks!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Happy 32 Weeks Birthday…..My how you are growing and learning so many new things. We are so glad you are doing well in physical therapy with Ms. Kathy. Soon you will be crawling around fast and then walking.
    You are such a strong little boy you will be doing lots of different exercises. I am looking forward to tasting the cookies you helped Mom & Dad make. I bet they will be delicious…..You are such a lucky little boy that the people at Dad’s office let him win that darling bear for you. It will make a good friend for you. Well, tomorrow we will be there to celebrate Christmas with you, Mom & Dad. We are looking forward to being with all of you and I know the Holidays will be wonderful. Can’t wait to see what Santa Clause brings you and watch you open your presents and play with your toys….See you soon…Love you!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas Canton. I hope Santa brought you lots of presents, cause I know you have been a real good boy. I will see you in a few days and you can show me your new toys.
    Love to all.

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