The Truck!

The day after Christmas is almost just as fun.  Aunt Becky and I played in our matching pjs, mom tried to get me to eat a banana again, and I played with my new toys.  I’ve found a favorite (for today at least).  My Great Uncle Gregory’s pride and joy was his truck, now I have one of my own.  He was a strong, dependable, and kind man, I hope I can live up to his name.  I guess we already have loving trucks in common.  My truck is super fun to push the buttons to hear all the sounds and it helps me stand.  Miss everyone and hope to see you soon!

One thought on “The Truck!

  1. Hi Buddy
    I see you made it through Christmas ok, I like your new truck it looks like it fits you just fine. Glad to see you are a Gator fan when Aunt Becky comes to see you (GO GATORS) Keep everybody busy with your new stuff.
    Love you all

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