Snow Buddies

Aunt Becky and I had a fun time in the snow yesterday.  They don’t get too much snow in sunny Cali, so we had to soak it all in while we could.  She made a snow angel with me and even got Pap to come out!  She leaves in the morning, I’m so thankful that she came to see me.  She lives so far away and still came all this way to see me, I definitely feel the love.  She is so funny and has so much energy.  It was hard for mom to give someone else time with me, but she knows that Becky is tons of fun and has a lot to teach me.  Hopefully I’ll make it out to see her and Ben soon.  I’m so lucky to have made so many wonderful and lasting memories this Christmas.  Thanks to everyone!  Love and miss you all!

2 thoughts on “Snow Buddies

  1. Hi Buddy
    I know you had a good time with Aunt Becky in the snow, she is fun to be with. Glad she got Pap to go out with you. Maybe next year she can make you a snow fort. Aunt Becky will MISS YOU BIG TIME hope you Mom and Dad get to go visit her and Mr Ben soon.
    Love Granmal

  2. It looks like you had a great time with your Aunt Becky! You are very lucky to have so many people who care about you! I LOVE the pictures of you opening your presents – especially the one with the Santa bow tie and hat! Your Aunt Rhonda may have correctly identified your future career path, you were quite handsome! 🙂 Make your Mom and Dad smile a lot during their last week of vacation!

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