Look at Those Fine Motor Skills

Dad was at a wrestling tournament all day yesterday (and today) so mom and I have had some good quality time together.  I spent the day trying to crawl, but to no avail.  I did however pull-up on my tub on toys, let go, and stand for almost five seconds all by myself!  Mom wasn’t able to get a picture of it without dad here to catch me.  I’ve had my pincer grasp down for a while, but I’m starting to use and point with my index more.

Mom also had to thrown in a picture of me sleeping because I didn’t nap yesterday!  Just call me No Nap Murphy!

One thought on “Look at Those Fine Motor Skills

  1. With that index finger control and precision, you’ll be picking your nose in no time!
    Ps-really like your belly shirt that you are napping in 🙂

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