What a Shock!

Mom and dad decided since I’m cruising everywhere now it was time to cover those outlets.  But, I might just be smart enough to figure them out!  I’m still learning what “no” means, I’m definitely hearing it enough with these outlet covers!  I’m still working on crawling, I’m tempted to move around at Gayle’s house just to take everyones socks off (I hate socks), any little thing helps.  Won’t be long, today mom put me in my crib after she changed me to go wash her hands and when she came back I was standing up in my crib–another shock for mom!  I’m just making them change everything around here!

One thought on “What a Shock!

  1. This reminded me of when Jonah started standing in his crib, but he hadn’t yet figured how to sit back down by himself. That took care of naptime for a week or so. He’d stand up by himself, and then I’d have to keep going back in to lay him down over and over and over… 🙂

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