37 Weeks!

Well, in the last couple days I have moved from cruising to navigating (moving from object to object).  This video doesn’t show it, but I’m definitely using my truck to get to the window.  Mom will have to try to capture me doing that, she is just too scared to video me and not be there to catch me.  When will she learn I’m such a big man, I don’t need her fussing over me!

Truckin’ It from Mike Murphy on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “37 Weeks!

  1. Looks like someone is a better driver than Aunt Beth from what I’ve heard 🙂 Tell Mom to let you fall, it’s the only way you will learn from mistakes and get your reactions. Miss you biggie smalls!

  2. Canton, I can’t believe your walking on your own. You have a really cool truck. I need to come see you soon. You have changed a whole lot since the last time I saw you. You are a big boy now. See you soon!


  3. Hi Buddy
    What a big move you have made, can’t wait until we see a video of you going up the stairs!!!!! (or down) I guess its about time for a 4-wheeler, ask Mom about her and Aunt Becky’s fun time on one. See ya soon.

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