43 Weeks–Brace Yourself!

We traveled to Wake Forest yesterday and received some good news/bad news.  Good news:  my head is doing a lot better, I only have to wear my helmet at night now!  Bad news:  my neck isn’t progressing as well as it should and I have to wear this awful brace!  Mom and dad think I look like I’m going swimming.  I have to wear it 4-6 hours a day, I got 4.5 in today, so I’m working my way up to six. 

I’ve been walking a whole bunch as well, between 1-5 steps, won’t be long before I’m running all over the place!

Let me explain these other pictures of mom with the bottle.  She was blowing into them making this strange sound, so I tried to do the same thing!  How smart am I?

The other news to brace yourself for:  we offically have NO SNOW left in our yard!!! 🙂

One thought on “43 Weeks–Brace Yourself!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    My goodness, you are now 43 Weeks. Happy 43 Weeks Birthday!!! You are growing so fast and doing so many things. I bet by the weekiend you will be totally walking by yourself all of the time….I am so glad you are being so good about wearing the brace. It will help you neck and soon you will be able to take that off also. You have been so good about doing all you have to do. That is because you are such a wonderful little boy. Maybe the next time we come down to see you we can go outside and take a walk….We love all of you and I hope to skype with you & Mom real soon. Thanks for bringing such love and joy to all of us……

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