Pool Party!

On Friday at physical therapy Mrs. Kathy let me venture in to the pool!  I adjusted really well!  First, I showed off my cool threads to all the ladies then Dad and I sat down at the edge of the pool.  I started splashing and went right in.  I only fussed a little the first time Kathy made me work.  I had such a great time!  I got a great workout too, I even went to bed an hour early!

Mom and Dad decided to go to Target the next day to buy me my very own inflatable pool.  Now, if only we could get out of our freeze warning I would be able to use it.  We also went to Home Depot and I fell in love with Dad’s new rubber mallet!  I also had fun on the deck moving my very own Canton-sized table (video to come) and of course, petting Roxy.  While we are on the deck mom went to go get my bath ready and I walked from the deck all the way upstairs all by myself!  I heard the water and just went moving (dad was with me though, don’t worry Mal).

Dad starting putting my swingset together too!  I watched him out the window and intently studied him as he put all the parts together.  Mal and Pap will be here next weekend to help.  Only 25 days until my birthday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pool Party!

  1. Good work little dude! I like your mini rash-guard, you look serious and hardcore about your pool workout. And I really like the gator toy you are playing with in one of the pics. Keep giving dada big hugs when he is working on the swingset because that’s hard work! See you soon little nugget

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Well there you go again!!! You are always doing something new everyday. It looks like you had a lot of fun in the pool and I know Mom & Dad were so proud of you, as all of us are. I like your swimming outfit!!! You really do love Roxy. You get the cutest smile when Roxy is near you where the two of you can play.
    Glad to know Dad was right behind you when you went up the stairs. When we have skyped with you, I have watched you “fly” up the steps. Glad you had fun out on the deck watching Dad work on your new swing set. Sorry we did not get there this past week-end but our vehicles broke down. We will be there this week-end!!! If the weather is good we can swing in the glider on the deck…We are looking forward to enjoying a wonderful week-end with you, Mom & Dad. Hopefully Dad & Pap can finish the swingset. I know you are going to have so much fun with it…
    We will be skyping soon and will see all of you soon….Love you, “Mal” & Pap

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