Happy Birthday Canton!

What a fun day! Grandma and Aunt Becky came to see me to celebrate my one whole year! We started the day with a trip to Sam’s and picking up Becky at the airport. I enjoyed my new carseat so much! We had a lot of fog here today and Becky’s flight was a little late getting in, but she made it.

We spent the afternoon playing, swinging (of course), and chasing three dogs! Aunt Becky taught me how to give her kisses and we decorated a little bit for my big party on Saturday! I also got to try some of Grandma’s famous spaghetti and garlic bread, YUMMY! No wonder mom loves it so much!

Mom was a little weepy today thinking back to all the changes we’ve had together and all that I’ve gone through, but that is just because she loves me so much. Dad also misses me being little, but he’s ready to start playing baseball. I know I’m so lucky to have such a supportive family around me, I can’t wait to see them all tomorrow!

Here’s to year number one!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Canton!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    “HAPPY 1st. BIRTHDAY”!!!!! It is hard to believe you have grown up so fast. The very first day we saw you when you came home from the hospital with Mom & Dad you melted our hearts and you have been doing it ever since. You are a very special, loving little boy and are such a joy. You bring love, laughter and happiness to all of us and we are so thankful you are our precious GREAT GRANDSON…Grandma came up from Florida, Aunt Becky flew in from California, Aunt Rhonda and Harvey are driving up from Florida, we are driving down from Great Falls and Grandma and Grandpap Murphy and Beth are driving down from Winchester to celebrate your very famous 1st. Birthday. That just proves how many people love you….
    We will have a wonderful day watching you unwrap your birthday presents, blow our your 1 candle and then eat your delicious cake. Then we can watch you either swing on your swingset, play on the deck or have fun with all of your new toys…..We will see you tomorrow. Keep that wonderful smile and the sparkle in your eyes…I am sure Mom got a little weepy eyed today as she was remembering that wonderful day, May 13th. 2009 when you were born and made her and Dad so very happy. They have loved and enjoyed every minute with you and are so proud of you, as all of us are. I remembered today the time you were born at 11:14 AM. What a wonderful day for all of us and it is a day we will always treasure. Keep that wonderful smile and the sparkle in your eyes….Love all of you…..

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