It’s My Party!

What a great weekend we had celebrating my birthday.  I am such a lucky big man to have all these people come from so far away to see me!  I even had Jessica, Brian, Annemarie, and little Lilamae come see me and they didn’t even have to!  We enjoyed spending the day together, my stomach bothered me throughout the day but I was a trooper.  We had great food, presents, and cake.  Pride filled Mom as she watched me meticulously eat my cake instead of plastering it all over my face.  My evening was a little rough with new PT stretches, mom hitting me with my golf club, and a Roxy nip, but you would never know it, I’m a tough tough man.

I had to say goodbye to my aunt Becky this morning, we took lots of pictures in our Florida Gators attire.  So we started up the road to the airport, but then her flight was delayed and it allowed her to have lunch with us.  Instead of having a two-hour layover in Detriot she got to spend it with me!  We had lunch and I enjoyed a yummy smoothie!  Mal, Pap, Rhonda, and Harvey came back this afternoon and we got to spend a little more time together, I eventually warmed up to them and shared my high-fives with them (thanks Bec and Grandmal for teaching me!).  Mom wants to thank everyone for loving me so much and for guiding her along the way.  Can’t wait to see everyone again!


One thought on “It’s My Party!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a wonderful “1st.” Happy Birthday Party you had. So many presents, a delicious cake and so many family members from far and near. Everyone loves you so much and wanted to share this very happy, memorible day. You are such a loveable little boy whose smile and eyes just radiate love to everyone. It is almost impossible that you are one year old. You have grown up so fast and learned so many new things. It is always a blessing to watch you grow and play.
    All of us have gone home now, but you, Mom & Dad will be in our thoughts remembering the wonderful day we had celebrating a precious little boys 1st. Birthday….So glad we are able to skype with all of you so we can watch you do something new all the time. We love all of you and hope to see you again soon. Enjoy and have fun on your swingset….

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