Bye Grandma!

Grandma left to return to FL but I won’t forget the time we had together.  She taught me to high-five, use a straw, and climb on and off of my truck.  She took such good care of me while mom and dad were at work.  I had a fun time playing with her two dogs as well.  I said “dog” several times and learned to throw Jag a toy.  I’m so glad she spent this time with me.  Mom said we may even go see her in a couple months and visit the beach!  Wow!  Many thanks to Grandma for teaching me, caring for me, and showing mom what being a mom is all about!

2 thoughts on “Bye Grandma!

  1. Hi Buddy
    We sure do miss you and Mom,Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We sure did enjoy the time spent together. Hope you all can make it down to Florida. i still have a lot to teach you. Your Mom&Dad have done a GREAT job raising you. Be a good boy we will see you soon.
    Love Granmal&Granpa Harry
    P.S. Jag sure misses you, he want someone to throw him the ball.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Boy what a lucky little boy you are. You have Mom & Dad, Granmal & Grandpa Harry, Great Grandparents Mal & Pap, Aunt Rhonda & Harvey, Aunt Becky, Uncle Jesse, Grandpa & Grandma Murphy & Beth and Great Grandparents Grandma & Grandpa Orndorff who love you so very much. I am so glad Grandma spent time with you as I know she truly enjoyed being with you, Mom & Dad…The pictures show the both of you having lots of fun time. You have a family who will always shower you with love, caring and happiness. It is such a pleasure and joy to watch you grow and to see how smart you are. Hope to skype with you real soon. Maybe one day Mom & Dad will bring you up to our house as you have never been here yet. Keep that wonderful smile and those sparkling eyes. Have fun on your swingset….We love all of you……

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