Free at Last, Free at Last

Well, we’ve come a LONG way, but I am finally helmet free!  I’ll probably have a few visit to the chiropractor and a few more physical therapy visits because I am still dealing with torticollis, but I’m almost perfect.  Mom and Dad joked that we won’t get anymore comments everytime we go out of people wondering about my helmet or being extra nice because they think something is wrong with me, that I’ll just be another regular baby, but I’m perfect to them!

1st helmet (30 weeks)

Second helmet (April 2010)

Helmet free!  Notice the space left between the helmet (what my head currently is) and the mold/model (what it was)

3 thoughts on “Free at Last, Free at Last

  1. Hi Buddy
    Whoooooooooooooooo want a nice head you have!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you got to get out of your helmet. I guess it is time for a hair cut now. just be careful bouncing your head off table corners. Time for a Florida gators ball cap, I’ll have to tell your Aunt Becky

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a brave little boy you have been the whole time you wore that helmet. You are such a blessing to our family and I love you so very much. You have the most precious smile and you are always in my heart. I am so thankful the helmet did what it was supposed to do and now you can show us your hair. Hope to skype with you soon as I have missed seeing you…..Love you!!!!

  3. Hi Canton
    I am so glad to see you got the helmet off! You look so cute with that blonde hair. Mommy better keep an eye on you because all the little toddler girls will be chasing you now!!!(HA HA). You keep up the good work with your therapy,it will all be behind you soon. I miss skyping with you, but I know mom is busy, I will catch up with you soon. Take care of mom and dad, I love you and miss you!

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