3 thoughts on “Go Hokies!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    I thought it was impossible, but you get cuter and more precious with each and everyday…..Hope to skype with you soon so I can see you run around and we can talk to each other. You are growing up so fast!!! I love you soooooo much…I think you look so cute in your Virginia Tech shirt….and I am so glad you are enjoying your outings and ball games……See you soon I hope…..

  2. Hi Canton,
    WOW you are changing so much! You are the cutest little dude I have ever seen! Cant believe you can use the I pad! You look so cute with your little teeth showing and I love that blonde hair(dont let mom or dad cut it!) I hope I can skype with you soon. Maybe you can show me some colorfull trees if they have changed.LOVE YOU BUNCHES and I MISS YOU! Watch your mail, I will be sending you something soon!

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