Big Man Fork!

Lately, the only way I’ll eat dinner is if I get to use one of the dad-size forks, no more baby forks for me.  I’m getting pretty efficient at feeding myself grown-up style if I do say so myself, check out the video:

Big Fork Canton! from Mike Murphy on Vimeo.

This evening we saw two baby deer in the backyard, I tried waving to them but they didn’t wave back.

16 months tomorrow!  Just when mom and dad don’t think I can change much, I suprise them with using the fork, more words, and almost opening doors.  I have a lot more in store for them!

One thought on “Big Man Fork!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You are such a smart, precious Great Grandson. Looks like you are a good dancer. Maybe you can teach “Mal” that fancy dance you do. You are such a talented little boy. Now that you can use a big fork to eat with you can eat more food….and I know you will like that…It was so good to be able to skype with you and Mom on Saturday. I loved watching you run around, play and climb the stairs. You are growing up so fast!!! Hope to see all of you sometime soon. Always stay as sweet as you are. We love you so much!!!!!

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