Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday I had a few friends over, we had a nice time playing outside and running around. We also have a few leftover pictures from when Aunt Becky was here, I squished my first caterpillar accidentally! Thanks for the lesson Aunt B!

Mom, Dad, and I headed to Sinkland Farms today to get a pumpkin! I had a great time looking at animals, listening to music, jumping off hay bales, and searching for the perfect pumpkin. I loved the baby pumpkins and picked out tons to hand to Dad, but Mom said I could only have four. So, we got four baby ones. It was a beautiful day just to be outside and have family time. I am also almost saying JACKET, I’ve picked this one up really quickly because it means we are going outside!

Tomorrow at day care we are going to Mrs. Greenwood’s farm and I’ll get a BIG pumpking for carving!

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch!

  1. super cute! you look good behind the wheel of that tractor. have fun picking out a big pumpkin for carving, can’t wait to see what it looks like. tell mom she forgot the caterpillar pictures…and tell dad that he’s old.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Another fun week-end!!!Looks like you, Mom & Dad had so much fun at Sinkland Farms. Boy did they have a lot of pumpkins!!! I know you picked out 4 of your favorite ones. Please let me see them when you decorate them as I know they will be so cute. You certainly looked like a big boy “driving” the tractor….I am so glad all of you have such wonderful quality time together. You are sooooo lucky to have such loving parents….
    When you get your “big” pumpkin, don’t forget to let me see it before you decorate it and after. Have fun and hope to skype with you and Mom soon….Love you!!!!

  3. Wow Canton, you are a busy boy! Not only that – you are an outside boy for sure! 🙂 Maybe soon you can come visit the farm again and Grady can take you for a real ride on the tractor!

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