BEEEEEutiful weekend!

Mom, Dad, and I had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather! Can you believe I’m a year and a half? I have my check-up on Friday, so we’ll have measurements then.

New this week: I can say ball and baby, I can now also identify the letter B!

One thought on “BEEEEEutiful weekend!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    I know you love it when the weather is so good so you, Mom & Dad can be outside walking and playing. You have so much fun and I know Roxie does too. You have a wonderful place at home to enjoy all of the wonders of nature and see different animals. You are really learning new words and growing up so fast. Hope your check up goes well and I will be waiting to hear how much you have grown. I know you have!!!! Hope to see all of you soon…Love you!

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