Playground and Vocab Explosion!

Mom, Dad, and I enjoyed what will probably be the last weekend we can be outside with light jackets. I had a great time climbing, running, swinging, and sliding.

I’m also having a vocabulary explosion! This weekend I learned to say yellow, black, orange, brown, badge (I love to play with mom and dad’s school badges), elbow, knee, clock, and probably some others they are forgetting about. I’m growing up soooo fast! At my check-up I was 28.4 lbs, 32.5 in, and still a huge head (but I’ve gone from the 99th percentaile to 70, so I’m moving in the right direction).

2 thoughts on “Playground and Vocab Explosion!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    I am so glad you, Mom & Dad had such a wonderful week-end. It was a lovely day to be outside and enjoy the weather. Sure sounds like you were a busy little boy doing all kinds of activities. You certainly have grown and are learning so many new words.
    When we skyped on Saturday you were saying a lot of new words and I enjoyed so much watching you play, smile, laugh and talk. You are my precious little Angel and I love you so much….Hope to see you soon…

  2. Hi Buddy
    Man what nice shades, enjoy your last few warm days outside, I guess you will have to come to florida for the winter. Next you will be going out in
    (-15 with ice). Miss you all

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