Happy Thanksgiving!

Though I battled a cold most of the trip I enjoyed my second Thanksgiving. I LOVED the green beans, of course, but also ate up the stuffing and brocolli casserole. I still do not like to ride in the car, we had to stop and give me a break about two hours in.

I definitely added to my growing list of vocabulary and christened several relatives with some names. His name started out as “Bobby”, but Dad’s dad is now “Poppy” and Grandma’s mom is “G.G.” I also said “Beth”. I learned to say “yellow” and “gobble” too, video coming soon!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Hi Buddy
    WHAT IS WITH THE BABY STROLLER???????? Boy you are from Floyd!!! Glad you all had a nice time and got to spend some time with family. Hope you feel better soon.

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