Snow Day!!

Yeah!!! Snow day with mom!!!! My shirt says how much I LOVE snow days! We’ve already had so much fun this morning having extra cuddle time, chasing each other, drawing, and dancing to the chipmunks Christmas album!! I wish I could stay with her everyday! She definitely wishes she could stay with me!!!

One thought on “Snow Day!!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Isn’t it fun to have Mom home with you on a snow day, or any day!!! I love your sweat shirt. I like snow too. We just finished skyping with you and Mom and you did so many things, played with your toys, danced, drew a design on your board, threw kisses and showed me the snow. You are such a precious, smart little boy and each time I see you, you get smarter and smarter. Mom took some good pictures of you showing that wonderful smile..Have fun with Mom today and maybe we can skype later. Soon it will be Christmas and we can be together…I know Santa will be good to youi as you are such a good little boy….Love all of you…

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