Just when mom thought she was finished with “firsts” I got my first haircut!!! I definitely did not enjoy the experience, even though Mrs. Sarah did a great job. I would have been better if mom wasn’t there. I rubbed my head a lot on the way home and kept saying “cold”, I guess with all my hair gone my head is cold!

Mom is also including a picture of me cleaning the floor where I drew with my marker (I was in BIG trouble)!

2 thoughts on “Haircut!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Whether you have short hair or long hair I still love you and you are precious. It was alright to cry a little bit as you were not quite sure what was going on. You look so cute!!! I hope all of the crayon markings came up from the floor. Mom is teaching you to take good care of things so it was good for you to “scrub” up the drawings. I like all of the pictures of your haircut but the one with the teardrop is the one that melted my heart…..Looking forward to seeing all of you soon at Christmas….Love all of you…..

  2. Wow! I love the haircut Canton! Mrs. Sarah did a great job! Don’t worry about the floors, Mom and Dad won’t be mad for long – you are too cute! 🙂

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