Snowman Shirt and Nanny

Rhonda sent me a special snowman shirt that I just love! I was happy to show it off to all my friends at daycare, I even cried when Dad took it off this evening. Thanks Rhonda! I’ll probably be able to wear my snow suit from Nanny this weekend!! Speaking of Nanny, mom was trying to get me to say “grandma” but I just decided that mommy’s mom was going to be Nanny. I even went to the computer today and said “Nanny please” to let mom know I wanted to Skype! Too cute! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Snowman Shirt and Nanny

  1. Hi Buddy
    I am glad I have a name now, next you need to give one to Grandpal Harry, he is waiting. I am glad you asked to skype with me, I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,

    Well you have just about named everyone now. You have so many names to remember but you are smart and can do it. I really like your shirt. It is really cute and was so nice of Aunt Rha Rha to send it to you. Hope you wear it when you come up to be with us for Christmas. I know you will wear the snowsuit Nanny gave you as it will be cold. There is only 9 days left until it will be Christmas!!! We are looking forward to you, Mom, Dad, Aunt Rha Rha and Harvey coming. We will have a wonderful day!!!!!Love all of you….

  3. Hi Canton
    You look so CUTE in the shirt. I am glad you like it. I cant wait to see you on Christmas. I am glad that you now can say my name and know who I am, maybe we will be able to play(if we can get you away from mom ha ha) See you on Christmas. LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

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