Oh What Fun It is to Ride…

Mom and Dad FINALLY took me outside to play in the snow! Mom said since it was actually in the double digits (up to 27 today all you FL people!) I was allowed to go out. I had a GREAT time sled riding! I kept saying “sled please….sled…sled” I went soooo many times! I didn’t really like the whole walking back up the hill thing though…I asked to be carried. The funniest thing was when Roxy chased us! I just laughed and laughed! I sure do enjoy all these days off with mom!

2 thoughts on “Oh What Fun It is to Ride…

  1. Hi Buddy
    I am Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad Mom and Dad to you out in the snow today. You look like you had all kinds of fun. Stay warm.
    Love Nanny and Grandad

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a lucky little boy you are to have such a loving, caring Mom & Dad that does everything with you. All of you had fun sleigh riding and you have the perfect place to do it. You get to go wheeeee down the hill and walk back up the hill in all of the soft, lovely snow, and with Roxy too…Glad you had such a fun day and I know you have enjoyed Mom being home the last couple of days. Maybe Dad will be able to stay home one day when a lot more snow arrives…..Have fun and remember we love all of you!!! “Mal” & Pap

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