What Has Canton Been Up To?

Sorry it has been a while since we’ve posted. Mom has been pretty busy since we haven’t had any snow days and Dad is always wrestling…so we try to make the most of our evenings and Sundays when we are together. In addition, we got a new camera everyone is trying to figure out AND our desktop broke, so mom is trying to get more efficient on this Mac.

I done a lot in the past week or so! I can catch a ball most of the time (you still have to throw pretty slow but that’s okay), I love to shout “make” or “miss” when mom, dad, and I shoot hoops. I’m soooo funny, I’ll even shout miss when I trip and fall when I’m running.

I can officially count to 10 and can identify most colors. I tend to get green and blue confused, but I guess I still have time right? I’ve been able to identify circle, square, triangle, and oval (my favorite) for a couple months, now mom is making me learn new ones–I’ve taken quite a liking to the rhombus!

Mom and I have spent a lot of time dancing, but also drawing and writing. She drew an AWESOME Elmo that I love to drag around with me everywhere! I’ve also become quite a helper around the house, my favorite helping chore is to carry in groceries!

I’ve also developed quite an interest in trains. Aunt Rhonda bought me some Thomas the Train underwear and they are my favorite!! So Dad bought a couple Thomas apps for the IPAD and I just LOOOOOVE them. There is a great train table at the library which I have discovered, when we went on Thursday I played for over 30 mins on that thing!! That’s a pretty long time for me to be engaged in something!

I’ll try to get mom to be a little more active on the posting…I’m pretty much in charge here, shouldn’t be a problem.

2 thoughts on “What Has Canton Been Up To?

  1. Hi Buddy
    Boy you sure sre a busy guy. Glad to see you help Mom carry in groceries, hope in about 10 more years you are still as willing. Maybe when you get a little bigger Grandad will give you his train set (I know he will).

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You have got to be one of the smartest, busiest little boys!!! Everyday you learn something new and different. Mom & Dad are the best!!! I am so glad we can watch the videos and skype with you so we don’t miss out on too much of the things you are learning. It is so nice of you to help Mom carry in the groceries because they are heavy sometime and you are her “big man” and can really make sure Mom does not have to work so hard…..I know she really is glad you help her so much. Have a good day and keep learning new things. Love all of you, “Mal” & Pap

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