Out Like a Lion

I sure got used to being outside with some of our 70 degree temperatures! However, this week has decided to NOT be as nice. We’ve been stuck inside because of rain, and even SNOW! Luckily, I still have gymnastics to run off some of my energy. We even went up to the high school gym to shoot some hoops, I had a great time! I sure hope April is nicer! Can’t wait to go see Nanny so I can be outside ALL the time! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Out Like a Lion

  1. Hi Buddy
    Sorry you can’t be outside, but when you come to see Grandad and me we can stay outside all day. Keep up the good work in gymnastics.
    See ya soon

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    It sure looks like you, Mom & Dad had a fun day as you always do. Maybe the weather will start being a lot nicer and warmer now that April is almost here so you can be outside. I wish I had some of your energy as you are always doing something. When you go to Florida I am sure you will be outside, in the pool or just running around….Hope to see all of you soon. Easter will soon be here!!!! Love you!!!!!

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