Picture Perfect

Mom dragged me to get our pictures taken today. Everyone in the place just GUSHED over me. They thought I was the most well behaved almost 2 year old they had ever seen! The manager wanted to take me home! Mom and Dad had to agree that I was quite well behaved and agreeable, mostly because I’m pretty much the best baby ever.

Afterwards, we went to Cracker Barrel and I ate two whole pieces of sausage, eggs, apples, and some bread. I love my breakfast food!

Enjoy the pictures!

2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. Canton your getting to be such a big handsome man. I love that pouty face picture 🙂 love you and see you soon!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Well another fun day for you, Mom & Dad. All of the pictures are adorable and you know I want some of them…You are such a handsome young man and you were so good to sit there and let the photographer take such wonderful pictures. All of us are so proud of everything you do. You don’t fuss like some children, you just do what Mom & Dad tells you to do and go on to the next venture. You must really like Cracker Barrel. I bet the waitresses like to see you come in with Mom & Dad as they know you are so good and like to eat so well. Everyone around you like to watch you as they marvel at how good you are at not quite 2 years old yet. Glad all of you had such a great day and thanks for sharing the darling pictures. Hope to skype with you & Mom real soon….Love all of you…….

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