I Heart Play-Doh

New obsession: Play-Doh! We’ve been stuck inside for the past few days so mom has been busy thinking of activities we can do. We busted out the paints and play-doh this weekend. I have never played with play-doh before, it was so much fun! I asked mom to make some circles and dad came to join us and he made me!! I thought that was hilarious! I kept pointing to his man and saying my name! Mom likes it because play-doh is a lot cheaper than Thomas!

2 thoughts on “I Heart Play-Doh

  1. Hi Buddy
    Glad to see you like play-doh, we can have alot of fun with that next time I see you. Dad sure made a neat looking man.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Dad really did a great job on making “You” out of the play doh. I bet you had lots of fun making other things and shapes. That will keep you busy for hours. It was so good of Mom to bring it out to keep you entertained. You have such a great Mom & Dad!!!!See all of you on Easter Day. Looking forward to seeing what the Easter Bunny brings you. Love all of you…..

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