Mabry Mill

Dad, Mom, and I ventured to Mabry Mill off the Parkway today. I was just so happy to be outside they could have taken me anywhere! I saw lots of water and the BIGGEST duck/goose I have ever seen!

2 thoughts on “Mabry Mill

  1. Hi Buddy
    So glad you got to get outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom and Dad sure take you some cool places. If you come down to see Granddad and me this summer maybe Mom and Dad will let you go to Gatorland,or maybe not but anyway will find some cool things to do.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Boy, what a fun day you, Mom & Dad had. I am so glad all of you enjoyed the beautiful day and the weather was picture perfect. You have done so much just to be almost 2 years old and you have learned so much. I know you were glad to see the ducks/goose. Thank you for sharing all of the pictures with us….I will have to make more room for these pictures. !! All of them are so good. We will see you, Mom & Dad in six days to celebrate Easter with your other Grandparents and Great Grandparents. I know we will have a wonderful day….Love all of you….

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