Mr. Canton Goes to Washington

Saturday (4/23/2011) Mom, Dad, Mal, Pap, and I ventured to Washington DC. I had THE BEST TIME EVER. The pictures aren’t really going to show that because every time we stopped moving I screamed my head off and shouted “GOOOOOOOO” a million times. It was a beautiful day, the weatherman called for horrendous storms, I’m soooo glad he was wrong!

I just loved the Washington Monument. I said “I’ll race you to the momument” over and over again! Then, we headed to the WWII Memorial, and on to the Lincoln. I absoultey was in awe of Mr. Lincoln. I climbed the stairs and just stared and stared at him. After we left mom asked me what I saw and I said “Lincoln upstairs in the chair” everyone was pretty impressed. Later, we made our way to the Capitol where I met a couple of ducks and made a wish in the fountain.

Despite getting lost in Georgetown we had a great time. After we got back to Mal and Pap’s Pap showed me his tractors and I played with one of Nanny’s old toys.

I’m thankful Mal and Pap came with us. All in all, a pretty great day.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Canton Goes to Washington

  1. Hi Buddy
    Man you all were busy this week-end, I am so glad you got Pap and Mal to go with you to DC. Looks like you all had a great time. Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you.
    Love Nanny and Grandad
    Jag and Dep

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Boy, what a busy day we had in Washington, D.C…Your little legs just kept going and going. “Mal” could not keep up with you, Mom & Dad so I had to rest for awhile. I am so glad Pap and I could go with all of you as we enjoyed the quality time. All of the times spent with you are precious and will never be forgotten. I hope your “wishes” will come true when you threw the coins in the fountain along with Mal. I think you, Mom & Dad must have walked about 4 miles and then you did not want to stop. You have sooooo much energy. Thanks to all of you for a wonderful day!!!! Love you…..

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